Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Married Life

I am offically married to Robbyn Wright!!!

Oh yeah, apparently (and I am not sure I am suppose to type this) married people have lots and lots of...



At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Nicholas said...

I responded to your comment, but hadn't heard back, here is what I wrote, drop me a line on my blog when you get the time. PEACE! Enjoy that married life and the sex.

We don’t do transcripts, sorry. I mean if you want to be our transcriber we would love to give you the position, but we podcast we don’t transcribe.

As far as being a Christian Deist, you will have to give me a working definition of that phrase. The two words almost seem cotradictory. Because Christians and Deist historically have been at odds.

More over, I don’t believe in the ultimate power of reason, but I do strongly study historical readings and understandings of the tesxts in the Bible. At the same time not founding my faith in reason or historical studies.

I also don’t believe that God created the world and left it to it’s devices, as historical Deist may have thought. I think the world is drenched with the presence of God, but I don’t know how much he actively changes the course of this event or that.

Tell me more about this Christian Deism.


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